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Space Propulsion and Mission Analysis Office
Mission Statement

Performs system level mission and trajectory analysis for the Center's projects in earth to orbit and space transportation systems. Support includes: conceptual analysis of space flight vehicles and in-space propulsion systems; trajectory and performance optimization for expendable, reusable launch vehicles and in-space vehicles utilizing high and low thrust propulsion systems; preliminary and conceptual vehicle definition for technology assessments; development and validation of space vehicle requirements; preparation and evaluation of mission proposals; and development of advanced systems analysis and analytical tools.

People of Space Propulsion and Mission Analysis Office

Name Email Phone
Glen M. Horvat, Branch Chief (216) 977-7062
Leslie R. Balkanyi (216) 977-7067
Ian Dux (216) 433-6628
Robert D. Falck (216) 433-2295
Leon P. Gefert (216) 977-7117
Kurt J. Hack (216) 977-7060
Melissa L. McGuire (216) 977-7128
John P. Riehl (216) 977-7061
Carl E. Sandifer (216) 433-8727
Timothy R. Sarver-Verhey (216) 433-7458
Kevin Witzberger (216) 433-3463
Jeffrey M. Woytach (216) 977-7075
Laura M. Burke (Co-op) (216) 433-6724
Tyacie K. Corle (Co-op) (216) 433-2686
Sally Gulan (Secretary/IDI) (216) 977-7124
Thomas W. Packard (ANLX) (216) 433-3525
Michael Martini (ANLX) (216) 433-3423
David A. Smith (RSIS) (216) 433-5334
John Weglian (OAI) (216) 433-3921
People of Space Propulsion and Mission Analysis Office

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