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Space Propulsion and Mission Analysis Office

Tools used by the Analysis & Integration Group

General Mission Design & Trajectory Tools

 MIDAS Interplanetary Impulsive Optimization Code 
 OTIS Aircraft and Spacecraft Trajectory Simulator and Optimizer 
 SNAP High-fidelity N-body Trajectory Integration Code
Low-Thrust Specific Mission Design & Trajectory Tools
 CHEBYTOP Approximate Low-Thrust Interplanetary Optimization Code
 SEPSPOT Planetocentric Low-Thrust Optimization Code which uses Averaging Techniques
 VARITOP Low-Thrust Interplanetary Optimization Code which uses Calculus of Variations
 SEPTOP Low-Thrust Interplanetary Optimization Code which uses Calculus of Variations

Trajectory Visualization

 Satellite Tool Kit (STK) High quality, state of the art, orbit simulation, visualization and analysis tool
GNUPLOT Documentation for GNUPLOT
FTNCHEK Fortran 77 program checker
DDD Data Display Debugger
CVS Version Management with CVS (Current Version System)

Systems Analysis

 iSIGHT High end optimization software which wraps around simulation code
EXCELERATOR Mac and PC command line linker for code unwrapping
JPLEPH for Excel Excel based reader of JPL Ephemeris files

Publications:  This site makes available documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
To view them you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

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